Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

To all of you,

Happy easter!

But don't forget tomorrow is April Fool~

beware of ur playful friends! ^_^

Easter present, a pic of this delicious dessert! XD

Monday, 25 March 2013

Gayana Eco Resort

Hey guys!

Its Monday again!

Today i went to gayana resort for inspection!

Didn't took much pic because it's hard to catch the nice view with a bad phone cam! :((

How i wish i have a DSLR cam!

(Well, no compares! ) Gayana treated us lunch at alu alu restaurant! :D
Nice organic fish, butterfly prawn, signature dishes, etc! I felt FULL! XD

And the villas in Gayana are much more bigger than Gaya. Newly renovated rainforest villas are nice too! Palm villas have a see thru glasses built in the living room, so u can see the fishes in the sea!

Ocean villas renovated their bathroom, it's now a see thru window. Nice for honeymooners and couples!And their are extremely large!! O.O

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Gaya Island Resort

Hey there!

A few days haven't update my blog!

I was busy working, busy inspection!

Hehe~ today I went to Gaya Island Resort for inspection. The view was nice!

I didn't take much photos...

Just a few of it...

Share it to u~

My phone's camera not so nice...
I wish to buy a DSLR camera , hehe~

i really like their center bar in the pool! Hehe

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mamutik Island~

I went to Mamutik Island on saturday~

And it was nice! I like that island~

but there is no one accompany me, so I'm kinda alone and bored~ I was going there for work purpose~

I just walk around taking some pics and thats all~

If I was with my friends, it will be more happier~ maybe next time? :D

Nice boat, crystal clear water and last but not least, my photo! XD

Friday, 15 March 2013


Recently I just so in love with 2am's new album~

their songs are just too nice!

Strongly recommend one spring day, reading you and back then.

So tomorrow is saturday again! For tomorrow Imma going to island~ <3

My boss want me to know how is the itinerary and things so that in future I can answer the guest when they're asking about it~

For the following week will be busy~

going for tour and inspection~

Will post some pics of it but not much, since tomorrow i'll be going with guest no friends are with me~ O.O

Sun will be going out with my friend! ^_^Y movie day~

And I'm ready to start my new life! Makes everyday a new life~ and there will be a lot of challenges for u~

Keep going!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Season of Love

Here there~

i watched HK drama, "season of love" thru AOD~

i found out that the story of autumn was nice and meaningful.

It was about the attitudes of you in a relationship.

Kim who is a hair stylist have 2 different tickets to different opera with 2 different guys, she was thinking of which to go. She chosen the one who is a lawyer, but there was an accident and the lawyer didn't met her. So she went to the second one which is her colleague, and they started a relationship.
Few years later, they got married. But there was some problem occurred and they are going to divorce.
Kim started to think back, if she was with the lawyer will it be a different story different ending?

But she found out it wasn't about the luck, it's her attitude.

This is a really meaningful story. Don't always think that it will be different ending with different people, always think about your attitude in a relationship.

Sharing my favorite pic. ;)

Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday again~

Its monday again~

sorry I have no time to on my laptop and update my blog~

I can only update it thru Blogger app~

Well, as usual, I wanna make your monday happy and fun!

So I'll share some funny ads!

I'm not so expert to this app, LOL~

Just trying~

hope to write more again next time!

See ya~

First ads from a coffee brand

Second ads from a detergent brand

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