Saturday, 2 March 2013

Chill life!

After a week of work, chill people! ;D

Like this:

Or you just sing Wonder Girls, " Like This". ;P

"Like this yo Like this
위 아래로 흔들어
Like this Like this yo Like this
몸을 돌려 좌우로 Like this
Like this yo Like this
파도처럼 내려가 Like this
Like this yo Like this
다같이 Stop 자 흔들어봐"

Not much on today, just wish that you will be relax for Sunday...

After that It's a new week to work again! 

Please be grateful that you're still alive .

Play much you can play, work much you can work, love much you can love.
Show your love not only to your lover, but also your family...

At this moment, you can still love your family, you can still do whatever things you wanna do.

Do it while you're young, so that when you're old you won't feel regret.

#we're young#