Monday, 25 March 2013

Gayana Eco Resort

Hey guys!

Its Monday again!

Today i went to gayana resort for inspection!

Didn't took much pic because it's hard to catch the nice view with a bad phone cam! :((

How i wish i have a DSLR cam!

(Well, no compares! ) Gayana treated us lunch at alu alu restaurant! :D
Nice organic fish, butterfly prawn, signature dishes, etc! I felt FULL! XD

And the villas in Gayana are much more bigger than Gaya. Newly renovated rainforest villas are nice too! Palm villas have a see thru glasses built in the living room, so u can see the fishes in the sea!

Ocean villas renovated their bathroom, it's now a see thru window. Nice for honeymooners and couples!And their are extremely large!! O.O


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